Aleksandar Avramovic at the Adornes Domain

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Aleksandar Avramovic at the Adornes Domain

April 28, 2017 - 18:59
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The Adornes domain announces the opening of its new exhibition "Here is now" - paintings and drawings by Aleksandar Avramovic, an homage to the present moment in a six-centrury-old domain.
The Opening vernissage, in presence of the artist, takes place on Saturday April 29th 2017 from 5.30 pm.

The Adornes Domain deems to be a special venue in Bruges where visitors can return regularly to experience the unique atmosphere of the place, where the past and the present meet. With "Here is Now", the Adornes Domain welcomes an exhibition which makes one stop and think about the concept and the notion of time and the present.

The theme of time is evidently very relevant in a location such as the medieval Adornes Domain. For here, possibly more than anywhere else, one can feel a palpable sense of history and a long timeline on which, like birds on a wire, all the small moments of our lives and many successive lives are strung together. 

All the nows are essential and we endeavor, without always managing, to live our lives fully, to make the moment which passes a big intake of live, of sensations, and of emotions. This is only achievable through ignoring the past and the future, the big polluters of our "nows". We face this challenge perpetually.

The artist's work

Aleksandar Avramovic is a figurative painter and drawer born in 1968. He studied at La Cambre School of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium. Even if in his early years he was principally a photo-realist painter and drawer, his works evolved naturally into an art form which was just as figurative - but also more personal and bold. The themes of "freedom" and capturing "the present" are the inter-related precepts to his inspiration and form the cornerstone to his work.

Time goes by, my lady, time goes by, Ah! It's not time but we ourselves who pass...

(Pierre de Ronsard)

In the creative act as well as in the pictures themselves, the challenge consists of drawing the power of the moment to produce a unique work of art. Strength, charm, wonder…these are the emotions captured in the "here" and the "now" and that make up the spectacle and the particular world that Avramovic opens up to us.

HERE IS NOW exhibition, 
29/04/2017 - 26/08/2017.
The exhibition takes place in the Pieters Rooms at the Adornes domain (Jerusalem church) Bruges.
Open Mondays through to Saturdays, 10 am to 5 pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays. 


Aleksandar Avramovic was born on February 20, 1968 in Belgrade (Serbia), which at the time still under non-alignes communist rule.
His parents, both engineers, inevitably worked at the time for a state-owned enterprise.

Avramovic describes his childhood as having been very family-oriented. The atmosphere was matriarchal. He was the eldest child and shared his parents' attention with a brother three years his junior.

When he turned fifteen, his mother's career change as a Customs officer was the impetus to move th whole family to Belgium. Avramovic entered secondary education where he learned the French language  and Belgian customs and ways.

In September 1986, he enrolled into the painting section at La Cambre School of Visual Arts in Brussels. Here, he finds he is in his element. He even thinks he might actually be quite talented and his artistic flair and considers a career as an artist.

By the end of his fourth year, however, he decided to take a break in order to undertake his military service back in Yugoslavia. He finished in June 1991, just a few weeks before political events took a turn for the worst in his native country. Once back in Brussels, he finishes his artistic studies but is left in no doubt that the harshness of the Yugoslavian situation has certainly left its mark on him.

Aleksandar Avramovic still lives in Brussels and has married the young, bright and beautiful Belgian woman he met during his studies. He is father to their three children. He has an active career as a graphic designer and spends as much time as possible painting ande drawing.