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The Pageant of the Golden Tree

The pageant commemorates the Tournament of the Golden Tree, a feast held in 1468 on the occasion of the marriag

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Late evening opening in Jerusalem Chapel on Saturday 2 September 2017.

Bruges is undeniably one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

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Lace Days 2017

In various rooms of the brewery (including the former malting floor) you will find a terrific exhibition. A lot of Flemish lace making groups will present their work to the public while demonstrating their skills with the lace bobbins.

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Aleksandar Avramovic at the Adornes Domain

The Adornes Domain deems to be a special venue in Bruges where visitors can return regularly to experience the unique atmosphere of the place, where the past and the present meet.

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Beer festival Bruges

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beer festival The Bruges’ Beer Festival takes place in the Belfry and a tent on the market place in the center of Bruges.

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The Adornes Estate and Jerusalem Chapel

The Adornes family The Adornes family originates from the Italian city of Genoa. When Opicius Adornes joined the retinue of the Count of Flanders in the thirteenth century, he moved to Flanders and started a new branch of the family tree.

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Midwinter Festival

The festive Christmas market in the Balstraat hosts traditional and original Christmas gifts, besides a lot of goodies. . Traditional Christmas songs and the smell of mulled wine and hot waffles complete the atmosphere.

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