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Steenhouwersdijk & Groenerei

Bruges, Belgium is often referred to as the Venice of the North owing to its network of canals winding through medieval buildings. It is a waterborne city, its many canals part of a network that links it to the North Sea.

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St. James's Church (Sint-Jacobskerk)

The church is also called St. Jacob's. The confusion arises because Flemish, like many other languages, uses the same word for both James and Jacob.

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St Walburgha’s Church

Impressive for how huge and beautiful this church is. Baroque in the style and only a short walk from the city center. This is certainly one of the most interesting monuments of Bruges. Don't pass by, it is one of the highlights of Bruges!

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Basilica of the Holy Blood

This chapel is located in a corner of the Burg square and judging by the richely decorated facade you would not immediately expect a chapel behind it.

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The Processcion of the Holy Blood

On Ascension Day (usually in May) the Procession of the Holy Blood takes place in the town centre, during which the relics of the Holy Blool are carried through the town.

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St Anne’s Church (Sint-Annakerk)

It is slightly off the beaten track but the St Anne's Church is well worth a visit. This lovely little church is resplendent with art, beautiful woods & carvings, and all within a most attractive design.

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Koningin Astridpark

It is an example of an urban open space for centuries survived as a monastery garden . It began when the Friars Minor , who settled around 1221 in Bruges in 1246 were allocated a place at the Braamberg .

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