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Liquid City- Triennial

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Liquid City- Triennial

May 07, 2018 - 17:30

From 5 May to 16 September 2018, Bruges is the backdrop for the second edition of the Triennial, an art route through the heart of the historic city. The central theme is Liquid City.
By means of artistic and architectural installations, the artists create hospitable, public spaces in the centre of the city, offering the chance of amazement, meeting and dialogue.



“Liquid City invites people to new encounters, to a work of art, to a floating pavilion.” (Michel Dewilde, town curator). 

1. Acheron I -  Renato Nicolodi (BE)

A seemingly concrete structure is floating on the Lange Rei canal. 

"Acheron I" by Nicolodi represents a staircase to the "subaquatic world". Nicolodi was inspired by the river Acheron in Greece. For a large part, this river flows underground, which fed many myths. For instance, Acheron became the bridge between above and below, the crossing to the afterlife, the gate to the underworld.

Location: Langerei canal at the level of the Duinenbrug bridge.

2. Minne Floating School - Nlé Kunlé Adeyemi (NG-NL)

Today, millions of people already live on the water in Africa and Asia, in boats, on rafts and floating shanty towns. What seems to be an emergency expedient could, in the future, be the solution in the case of a raising sea level. The "Minne Floating School" is a real school. During May and June, students will effectively be taught here. The shape evokes a pyramid or mountain shelter.
Location: Minnewater 

3. Infiniti 23-Peter Van Driessche — Atelier4 (BE)

How will we live and work if the sea level continues to rise and entire cities are flooded? What if the population explosion continues, and billions more people relocate to the cities? The solution is utopian, poetic and provocative at the same time: floating pole-dwellings and offices, which can continue to grow in accordance with the need for them. 
Location: at the level of the Congress centre Oud Sint-Jan

4. Selgascano pavilion - selgascano (ES)

One of the most colourful projects is floating on the Coupure canal. The strongly shining orange installation of the Spanish architectural firm Selgascano is a transparent, winding construction through which you can walk, and where you can dive into the water during the weekend. 
Location: Coupure canal

5. Floating Island – OBBA (KR)

With “Floating Island”, OBBA stretches the boundaries of architecture. The architectural practice creates a space for a new walk, on the water in Brugge! Comfortably settle down and experience the town from a totally new perspective while the Reien canals gently ripple below you.
Location:Langerei canal at the level of the Snaggaardbrug bridge

6. Lanchals - John Powers (USA)

The fifteen meters high structure, constructed from carefully stacked steel modules, marks a hidden tranquil place in the town. The construction by the American artist John Powers is a swan’s neck stretching up to the sky. 

Location: Minneboplein square (near the Sint-Annerei canal) 

7. Skyscraper (the Bruges Whale) – Studio KCA (USA)

You come face to face with a blue whale on the Jan van Eyck plein square. It is a giant sculpture, constructed from waste material collected from the “plastic soup” which is a daily threat to all life on earth.
Location: Spiegelrei canal at the level of the Jan Van Eyckplein square

8. UrbanModeL - Wesley Meuris (BE),

Where can you best receive newcomers or visitors, and learn to know them? This pavilion unites the parts of the ideal hospitality space in an artistic analysis.
Location: Burg square

9. BRUG [Bridge] - Jarosław Kozakiewicz (PL)

Two faces meet in a kiss on the water. They create a space where new – sometimes unexpected – meetings take place.
Location: Groenerei canal

10Checkpoint - Roxy Paine (USA), 

Checkpoint is a hyper realistic wooden rendering of a checkpoint in an airport. Notwithstanding its recognisability, the artwork invokes an uncanny image in which the boundaries of reality seem to blur.
Location: Poortersloge

11.  G.O.D. – Ruimteveldwerk [Space fieldwork] (BE),

Bruges hospices such as Saint Trudo are known as quiet areas. But what is the significance of quiet? Absolute quiet, where there is space to meet each other in an undisturbed way? Experience it here.
Location: Garenmarkt square

12. Fountain of Life - Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian (IR), 

The Iranian artist shows the illusions of the ideal town. The tower, constructed from repetitive geometric crystal structures, inspired by motives from mystical Sufism, reflect our ideas and dream for a new society.
Location: Grootseminarie, Potterierei canal

Translation from Dutch (Flemish): Annemieke Blondeel
Photo's: © Rudy de Nolf, Emy Daelemans, Frank Vergucht - The Bruges Feeling, Stefan De Gruyter, Frank Bosschaert, Wim Willems, and  Marc Photography