Steenhouwersdijk & Groenerei

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Steenhouwersdijk & Groenerei

March 05, 2016 - 19:04
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Bruges' wonderful historic vistas are best explored along its canals – none prettier than the Groenerei. From its tree-lined path you can see steeples, bridges & the Belfry.

Bruges, Belgium is often referred to as the Venice of the North owing to its network of canals winding through medieval buildings. It is a waterborne city, its many canals part of a network that links it to the North Sea. Of all the canals in the centre of town. The Groenerei, the 'green canal', is the most romantic. It is best seen from Peerdenbrug, (the Horse Bridge) looking towards the Meebrug. The canal is lined with trees and creepers, elegant 17th century mansions and almshouses and topped by the cathedral tower.

The Groenerei is part of a stream that runs through the heart of Brugge. Until recently it was assumed that the canal was man-made, however, this canal is part of the natural course of the Reie. The street running along the canal bears the same name.

Groenerei is a romantic place, one of the most beautiful places to be in Brugge.

Imagine taking a boat down the canal, to see the city’s outstanding architecture from a different perspective.
All along the canal you will find historic buildings and bridges, framed by tall green trees, and colorful flowers in the summer. In fact, Groenerei is equally charming every season.
Significant landmarks along the Groenerei include the Manor of the Brugse Vrije, the Peerdenbrug and Meebrug bridges, and the Maison du Pelican (Almshouse).

Notice the two old bridges: the Meebrug probably the oldest bridge in town - and the Peerdenbrug. Take your time to relax on one of the benches and watch the boats go by.

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