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By bike

Discovering Bruges and the surroundings on a guided bike tour is also a possibility :

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Cosy Corners

Tanners Square: This place is just behind the Town Hall and the Burg Square. It's more than a square, more so a patio. As a matter of fact originally there were gates at the ends of the square.

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Explore by horse drawn carriage

The coach-driver explains the city to you, and halfway the trip, the horse is getting a rest at the Beguinage where you can descend.

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Explore by boat

I genuinely believe that if I had not done this I would have missed out. The most beautiful views and glorious sights. Stunning way to see Bruges.

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Bruges City Theatre - Cultuurcentrum Brugge

The City Theatre Stadsschouwburg in Brugge is a teather from 1869. It is used for dance performances, concerts, operas, comedies and all kind of open stage performances. It is a fascinating building with giant decorated columns.

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The Concert Hall (Concertgebouw)

Concertgebouw Brugge has all the essential elements that travel organisers need to create balanced and attractive packages for cultural leisure trips.

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Groeninge Museum

The Fine Arts Museum of Bruges, better known as the Groeningemuseum, is internationally renowned for its significant holdings of early Netherlandish painting, which has formed the core of the museum’s most successful exhibitions in recent decades.

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